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jar of whimsies

be inspired by the best vintage trinkets and most whimsical treasures that are painstakingly placed into jars called whimsies. These delightful jars are a crafter's new best friend, a treasure lover's dream come true, and a collector's jack pot!

They look gorgeous placed on a mantle or among a stack of books on a shelf. Or you can pour everything out and have the time of your life digging through your loot. You won't find junk in these jars. Each one is filled with things that we hope will inspire you and ultimately remind you to find happiness in life's littlest treasures.

The 30-ounce plastic jars are packed with over 100 items. each Jar of Whimsies is unique and handcrafted.

size: 3.75" x 6.25"

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